Leighann is wrapping up the month of May with a podcast about a mother’s love. You’ve heard stories all month about the prodigal daughter, growing up a pastor’s child, and about learning to let go. Today Leighann shares a message that she pulled from the archives and one that she shared on Mother’s Day at Thompson’s Station church nearly 13 years ago about A Mother’s Love. Settle into your quiet spot, pop in your headphones, and enjoy the message!

Leighann McCoy, The Prayer Clinic Podcast Host

Leighann McCoy is the founder of The Prayer Clinic. She has written 17 books on prayer and spiritual warfare. She has taught conferences and retreats across the US and around the world and serves on staff at Thompson Station Church in Thompson Station, TN. She is the prayer minister, and her husband Tom is the senior pastor at the church they started in 1989.

Website: https://prayer.clinic/