The Prayer Clinic will mobilize your church to pray.

What might happen in your church if the members of your congregation experienced vibrant, growing prayer lives? What might happen if you genuinely believed that God intends prayer to have an answer?

When Leighann embraced this truth, she challenged the people in her church to trust God more by bringing their requests to Him through the Prayer Clinic. God hears prayer.

The Prayer Clinic is a place where people experience God answer their prayers. Not only will The Prayer Clinic mobilize your church to pray, but The Prayer Clinic will also provide support and resources for people to develop thriving prayer lives.

We’re here to give you the tools you need to recruit and train your prayer team and stock your Prayer Clinic with materials that will fan embers of faith into flames.
The secret weapon we have is the Prayer Clinic App. With our app team members can continue to connect with the people they are praying for long after they leave the Clinic. This ministry of ongoing prayer support will help people understand how to hear the voice of God, recognize His work and then celebrate His faithful answers to their prayers.

No matter who you are, how strong your prayer ministry is, or what challenges your faith family may be facing, we’re here to help. With practical resources – like our online community, prayer courses, and clinic supplies – we’re committed to providing encouragement, connection and development. We will mobilize your church to pray.

Mobilize Your Church to Pray

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